Album/Directories Fix... (The one you've been waiting for.

Well, I came across this when I was modifying for a left navigation menu. The problem was that when adding a left-nav menu... it appeared fine on the directories page, but not in the album listing (it appeared at the top with the logo.)

Here's the bugfix:

Find and DELETE:

print $thumbnails


print $directories

Replace that EXACTLY WITH:

if(!isset($_GET['var1'])) {
print $directories;
} else {
print $thumbnails;

Hope this helps people.

Applying this bugfix...

it also gets rid of an extra query when viewing a page I believe.

Please note, there's a problem with's message board, so I had to take out the PHP-Short tags.

Error in bugfix...

Please check first post again. There was a problem when switching quality levels. (Note: Quality Levels may not change for some reason after this fix is applied. They may still work though depending.)

New Error...

Even though the isset is gone, when var = 0, it still prints the thumbnails. Even putting $_GET['var2'] != 0 on top of that won't work.

New Error (Part 2)

While going around seeing how to fix the new error... I noticed that when I go back to the Photos directory it may set the variable var2 to 1. I'll see what happens if I fix this.

New Error (part 3)

Actually, I should've gone back to the var1 stuff. I can't test the var1 stuff over again because my FTP is re-uploading an older copy over and over again somehow.

Fix Fixed and Fixed again

I need a coffee break. Check the first post... directions have been updated.

Applying the fix (reminder)

Make sure you put the fix IN BETWEEN the PHP open and close tags! If you DO NOT, the fix will make the program not function, give an error or not make any thumbnails appear.

Please note, this fix is a global fix... it will automagically fix the directories on the main page even if you have admin's "Show recent picture as directory" modification installed.

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