A Few Suggested Enhancements

First off... Great Job! You created exactly what I was going to develop. Thank you for sharing your hard work.

To set the context of these requests, I am legally blind, so what I am about to say will make sense if you know that :-)

It would be great if you could set the alt tag of all the images to the short description of the image or, in the absence of the short description, use the file name. This would be of great benefit to users that rely on screen readers and it makes your application more accessible.

When displaying the short comments or the file names under the thumbnail images, it causes the images to become arranged haphazardly in the page. I believe this is due to the use of the tag after each row of images. adding the attribute clear="left" would force the next row to the far left.

Keep up the good work!

Chris McDonald

Hi Chris, wau, something

Hi Chris,

wau, something like clear="left" i was seraching for long time, i am going to test it, because this was quite annoying with this bad feature if you are using flowing style of the album.

The other suggestion is also quite good, and very easy to implement. Comes in the next release for sure.


Hi, one more time. I have

Hi, one more time. I have just added "alt" to all pictures. But the thing with clear="left" wont work, but i will try some more tricks, there has to be some way to do this (so that it works on IE,Opera and Firefox )



Also admin, note that links (text or not) also have an alternate text-like message. If you wish to add text/image links without the alt= You'll need the title= instead (The Anchor (A) tag does not support alt as a property.)

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