Changing Entire Layout

Can you help me make my gallery ( ) to be able to center the directories, make them a bit smaller in thumb-size/text-size, and be able to have a left and right navigation globally?

Also, the left-navigation will have the setup/small/medium/etc. links along with the link back to the gallery main page as well as my site's main page. The right-navigation will have news/updates of some sort.


I wanted it so that the "Photoalbum Photos/" looks like the below:

Gallery -> Photos/

I got most of it down now...

I just need some help. In Album View (Not viewing directories, just the pictures in them) the below album.tpl.php code produces a very long left navigation menu. I was hoping it would not do that... but now it has... and I need you peoples help to fix it. Thank you in advance!

Note: Your message board won't allow me to post the code at all. Please e-mail me at


Sorry, I have it working now. Had to use valign="top" so people didn't have to look for the menu.

Please share how you did

Please share how you did this with the rest of us? *S*
Thank You,

David R


Check this topic:

Just so you know, my album is no longer avail. I'm using thorn for the mo. After doing the fix I mentioned, it's possible to make it like I had it. If you DO NOT do my fix, your album can't have a left nav.

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