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firts thankyou for reply to my question about dirs (sarcasm) well, mi page its under a dos atack and i see the dos atack is on the PHPALBUM, when i change the url of php album the actak stop but after a time the atack begins again i supose the lammer see the new dir an atack them, well, exist a form to protect the phpalbum front this type of atacks?

You are welcome!:) ok, i did

You are welcome!:) ok, i did not answer your first question because i have almost no time for answering any questions now (just answered it). And no, there is no way to block this DOS atack with phpAlbum out of box. But possibly you could do it somehow with your www server (Apache) , no idea...

But it would be also cool feature to be able to defeat DOS with phpAlbum.


well my host provider installed a mod for the apache but it seems dont work the dos atack jumping that, i thing ¿exist a form to regulate the apache recurses uses by the phpalbum or limit the number of connections to he? hello and thank you for answer me :D

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