See the movie directly at the homepage

I would like you to had a feature, who allow people to see the movie on the page, so they do not have to download it first.. Like on or youtube or pages like that :D

That would be soo great..


yes that would be really

yes that would be really great ... i will look at this if it is somehow easily doable, but i think they all use flash player for playing this videos, so probably your videos would have to be converted somehow to this format ... but it would be really interesting to have this feature.


You could also have the

You could also have the users convert thier own video to .wmv so that all it would take on the phpAlbum side is some simple html with an embed tag.


Ok, then i wait for this feature

// Patrick

was this ever done?

First off - love this program!!!!

i tried to search through the help - can i embed video that streams?

so far it just gives me an option to download.


What about VLC? it can play

What about VLC? it can play nearly every format and can be integrated easly into an webpage. the user will then get an "additional plugins needed" message and installs the vlc browser plugin and can play the videos...
I already realized that on a little project which intend it was to share videos over the internet as a little private video on demand site.
Probably I will have the time in few weeks to send a litte demonstration site, which can then integrated into the project.

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