Problems wih FOOTER

Hallo, I just installed the phpAlbum, and i want to add something to the FOOTER who says "Powered by PHP Photo Album" But when i try to add something in mail.php it doest change on the main page. It wont work aider when i change it in album.tpl.
can some one help me, or tell were I should change it so people can see it?

Gretings Dr0zie..

This text is generated in

This text is generated in engine.php. But it should be possible to change it in album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php, only you have to do this in the subdirectory of your theme.



Because when I try to change powered by php... . bla bla bla..
In every singel .php file likealbum.tpl.php, engine.php, imagevies.tpl.php and so on.. Nothing happens... This is my settings:

There is something strange going on with your script, I submitted a comment then I was able to delete it.

I went to to see the main page.

Is there no security on the deletetion and management of comments?

I hope you don't mind I was just testing :)


and here we go, one another

and here we go, one another nice bug ... thanx :) never tested beore :)


Okay... Was this teston the new "version 0.4.1" the beta or was it, when I still had the finish version "old"

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