Disorganised folder list

Hello Patrik,
My Main Album page (http://www.bhoomagoud.com/gallery) looks very cluttered with album folders. Is there a way to organise them in a clean and neat looking order.
I tried the "Flowing Style" instead of the Raster Style , but didnt like it.
Kindly give your suggestions.
Cheers, Uday

HI, nice album, so, either


nice album, so, either you can use the other theme "Borders" where the directories are organized in one colum, (you could als add some welcome text ther) as in the demo album on this site.
I woul also propose following, do not add all the directories as the first subdirectory, now it is quite good, but if you have 100 of it it will be always disorganized does not matte what style you use. For instance you could sort this in directories like 2005, 2006 for the years where the photos were shot or like that.

But now to your question, you could also with flowing_dark edidt the dir.tpl.php in Flowing_Dark subdirectory and add there fixed width for the directory fore example 200 pixels. this way they will look like they are organized. Now they have variable width depending on the length of the text.


Thank you


I totally appreciate your support. Excellent!! :)

I will try your suggestions and get back to you, once i am done.

Have a great weekahead


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