Showing Directories in a new way

Hi everybody,

I´m looking for a way, to show all my directories in 3 columns ( the first page that show all the albuns ).
The actual way its show just one colum, with a lot of rows, and I wanna know if anyone know how count, all the directories, and construct a table with 3 coluns insted the actual with just one.

For a quick short explanation, I wanna show dir_pic.tpl.php like raster.tpl.php

I´m glad if anyone could help me... I´m becoming crazy with this!!

Hi, which version are you


which version are you using and which theme you would like to change?


phpAlbum v0.4.1 Beta1 I´m

phpAlbum v0.4.1 Beta1

I´m modding borders theme, already working on my localweb server, just waiting my provider create my account..
The only problem is show the galeries, that like I said, its show only one colum

my test album is in

my test album is in

please, help me and construct this function ;)

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