Changind upload filesize and compressing files

2 questions:

(Nr1. How do you change the maximum upload filesize to the ftp-upload (20M default) ?)

EDIT: I found in the code where to change the upload filesize, so this changes my question to the following:

The 20M uploadfilesize doesnt change when i change it in the code, how shall i do so it changes in the admin section also ? When I try to upload a file bigger then the max file size i dont get any error messages or anything, (the file doesnt get uploaded) its a little difficult to know if the file has been uploaded or not.

Nr2. Is there any way to via the upload convert images to a specifik size eg. 640x480 ?

Thanks in advance

Hi, maximum upload size is


maximum upload size is as far as i know defined in php.ini. I am not sure but you can not change it in phpAlbum or in code of phpAlbum, i just read that php-setting and show it to you to inform you. You can ask your provider to rais it if you want.

No you can not convert uploaded images automatically, but it is a great idea, at least for some people with very fast upload internet speed an quite big memory limit in php. I for my self resize it locally with with one command for all images:) (using ImageMagick tool)

mogrify -resize 800x800 -quality 85 *


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