Back to thumbnails

Hi Patrik,

I'm currently trying to display 20 pictures from one folder - they get shown by 3 x 2 per 'thumbnail page'. Therefore I have 4 'pages' which just show thumbnails. If you are now on thumbnail page 3 and you would like to see picture # 14 - the link works and you get presented one page with just picture #14 on it. Let's say you also want to see picture #15 in this size and then you want to go back to the thumbnail pages.

This is where my 'feature request' comes from - because there is no such 'back to thumbnail page 3' option. You can either use your browser's 'back' functionality or you can go to thumbnail page 1.

I've seen you have added a lot of new functionality into your new release - maybe there is already a solution for this issue. If not - you may like the idea :)