how configure this?( please help me )

hello there
I am new user of PHPAHBUM .
after this I test some other gallery scripts BUT this is very good
Now have some questions T please help me

1- I change the name Of config_change_it.php to config.php then i creat this two folder in my host (data_dir AND data) did I do true up to here?
if not say what i must do?

2-what i must put here? ( )

3- if every body who want upload an image to gallery he / her must put user and pass? (i mean in UPLOAD MANAGEMENT in SETUP)?
if YES how can i cansel the user and pass ?

thank you

Hi, try out our online


try out our online automatic installer, then you do not have to configure all that things: phpAlbum installer

the best way to user phpAlbum ist with some FTP-Client, the Uploader in phpAlbum is not very comfortable, and yes you have to know your FTP-Account info (and everybody has to know who want to upload) This will may be changed in futre versions.

Have a nice day!

help me

thank you for reply my question
i do what you say , BUT it didn't work .
right now what can i do ? please help me.

I realy Like your script , after this script i try piwigo and inter photo but this script is a nother thing .
i want say tank you for this good script .

Other option would be, if

Other option would be, if you like I can install it for you. Just send me your FTP account and the URL where you would like to have to install it. After installation you can change your FTP password of course.

Or, you can zip the whole phpAlbum directory as you installed it on your server, and I could look on it, what could be wrong ...



thank you patrik for yor help
I send my FTP to your email

and if you delet the FTPinfo for uploadin image (in future versions ) it be better

have a nice life

patrik i'm Waiting you

patrik i'm Waiting you

I installed it already few

I installed it already few days befor, I sent you a email.

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