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Trying out your album. Great job, very nice.

- When looking at a picture in a given size, it would be nice if you could switch sizes without going back to the album view.

- Maybe add a "back to album" link when showing a picture instead of user having to figure out they have to click on the album's name at the top

- Assign one of the album's pic as the album's representation (or stamp it onto the folder icon, even better, like Windows XP

- Can I only set picture descriptions through the ftp interface?

Hi, first thanx for your


first thanx for your thoughts :) the first and third suggestion is already programmed, secod one would be easily done with some change of theme but in general it is good idea, so it may be i will implement that

The last question i do not really underestand, picture description can now be only done trough setup screen. Do you mean if it is possible to import som EXIF or other data from JPG? This is not possible but it is planned for some next version.

Actually i wanted to release new version this weekend but i am afraid i will be able only release BETA version may be tomorrow or on wendsday...


I allready thought so, cause

I allready thought so, cause there was no release this weekend. However i'm patient. So keep doing the good work.


Patrik - I code php for a living (as part of a new business - ) so I know how much hard work this is!

Just to be clear, I'm not looking at your album for my business, it's only for a redo I'm working on of my personal site -

Thanks for the great work and I am looking forward to testing your new version!

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