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Now can be the installation even easier. There are many people which have no idea of CHMOD functions or some user access rights in unix or on FTP server. For those i have prepared a little installer script.

There are 3 steps on installing:

  • first you have to enter your ftp-server like ftp.yoursite.xy, ftp username and password. Username and password will never be stored. It is recomended that for the installation you cachge the password for this short time and after install change it back. Just because all this data are transfered over the net without encryption.
  • in next step you must choose your install directory, default it is /phpAlbum/, you can browse on your ftp-server clicking the directory names, or just write down the directory in the field
  • next you have to check all data and click install, if you get some errors, please report it to me as this software is only beta version.
  • phpAlbum is now prepared for use
  • If you were upgrading, it is recomended to check your setup, save it and to delete your cache.

So try it, i hope you like it. It was never easier to install some script on your site.


i want to know what program is this automatic installation, i would like to have something like that. thank you



it took me almost 2 hours to programm that. Just few calls of ftp_ functions of php and that's it. May be i will make it more universal and then make it aviable for download.

Have a nice day!


i love the auto installation. i'd love to use the script but it would have to have auto uploading of photos for a non savvy user and it looks like i have to manually ftp any photos i want to add. However, i wouldn't know this for sure since the documentation says nothing about how to get photos in the gallery. just some FYI. thanks



yes you are right, i thougt always that FTP knows everybody. But this is not true. May be this weak i try to make some upload functionality. Theme support is almost finished. So on end of this week i release new version. With more themes and easier customizability and uploading possibility of photos. I hope so. :)

Have a nice day!



Ce truc est vraiment cool

Bon ... choisir un script est déjà une tâche respectable ! Le trouver c'est parfait mais ici c'est encore mieux ! En trois click vous vous le faites installer automatiquement à la manière Michael Schumacher dans la Pit lane !!!! Rien à faire, rien à dire ... tu cliques et tu attends ...
C'est ti pas beau ca ?

Gunter Gillot
(European Center of Military History)

Re: Ce truc est vraiment cool

Hello, :)
unfortunatelly i don't underestand French , yet :) But does! so here is how google translated your post :)

... to choose a script good is already a sizeable task! To find it is perfect but here it is still better! In three click you make you automatically install it with the manner Michael Schumacher in the Pit lane!!!! Nothing to make, nothing with saying... you click and you wait... It is Ti not beautiful Ca?

Thank you for your compliments :)


That is....

Very cool :o)

Very impressive....

I have not even used the software yet - but am already blown away bythe install feature. Very Cool!!!!


Cooooooooool !!!

This is the best installer I,ve ever seen

This is the best installer I,ve ever seen

Re: This is the best installer I,ve ever seen

Soon i make new project for this installer. I just have to make it little bit more universal so other developres can use it ... and of course with better design :))

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