disable right click

how can i disable right click of images? i tried a script i downloaded but it didn't work. are the images in an iframe or something?

i don't want people stealing my pictures


If you disable the right

If you disable the right click it will be still possible to tak the link of image and get it without this right mouse click so it wont help. May be in some future versions it will be possible to setup the page that only within your page will be possible to display images. But it will still be possible to steal your images if they want. What you can , you can use copyright watermark which will be aviable in new version in few days.


Actually... (Firefox Users Beware)

I found a right-click disabler that also affects Firefox and other users... although I have misplaced it, I'm sure I can re-uncover it soon. The watermark feature will be a nice feature... but the watermark's gotta be invisible so that only photo editors can see it if they try to "uncover" the watermark.

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