increase of server cpu usage?

my web host informed me that main.php inside phpalbum increases cpu usage of their server
can someone help?

im using phpAlbum_v0.4.1.16

Every application increases

Every application increases CPU usage. phpAlbum does this if the photos you uploaded are resized. If you upload big pictures like 4MP or more the CPU usage can be quite high. So you have to find other provider where this is no problem or you have to upload smaller pictures like 900x600

And be sure the caching is switched on, so the photos must not be resized every time they are displayed.


caching is on my web host

caching is on
my web host states that this problem is only caused by phpalbum

I can only say, I have no

I can only say, I have no CPU issues with phpAlbum. Of course it needs CPU when Photos are resized, but that is normal for application like phpAlbum. You can try Gallery2 or some other php photo album.

Do you have that much traffic on your site?


no, actually i almost have

no, actually i almost have zero traffic
i think the problem is my host's incompetence

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i think the problem is my host's incompetence

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i think the problem is my host's incompetence

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