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Just a few thoughts as I was working on my gallery today.

1.) On the main page where all galleries are listed it would be good to see the number of images in each gallery and the total number of comments for that particular gallery?
2.) Then once you enter a gallery and view an image it would be good to see the number of page views?

These are just a couple of ideas, I realize a new version just came out.

Thanx for your ideas, i will

Thanx for your ideas, i will definitely consider them.
The new version is just a small bugfix. Real new version is under construction :)


Great to hear

That's great Patrik, can't wait for the new one to come out.

Just stopping by the Forum haven't been here for awhile.


I'd like those options those

I'd like those options too :) Makes the galleries even more dynamic and more interactive.

Me too...

I would like these things applied as well. The # of comments in the directory as well as the number of images will be excellent for the whitespace produced by the "show recentmost image as directory" modification that you made Patrick.

Idea - Image borders

Hi Patrik and everyone,
I played around with a gallery script my friend had - I don't like it!
Here is a test page (just navigate within images - just a test design no other links work)http://www.primaveraphoto.com/design3/photos.php

No for my idea... to have borders. I made these image borders in this gallery. What do you think Patrik?
If you would like the images I can dend them to you.

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