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This script is great. It is extremely simple and perfect for having an always up to date online photo album hosted from my machine.

I have one problem. When people view my pictures at "middle" or "small" size, they end up downloading the degraded pictures. They don't often select to view in "Origional" size because that puts most of the photographs off the screen.

I believe the simplest solution would be to make the image a link which targets to the origional image. This way, when people click on the image, they get an orginal file to download.

An alternative solution, is to simply put those "origional, middle, small" links on the actual image view page. I tried to do this by simply copying the link code from album.tpl.php to imageview.tpl.php in the theme file, but this doesnt work. (This way people dont have to browse in one format, then go back to the thumbnail view to change the image size, then find the picture again in order to save it for printing.)

In a related note, It would be nice to set a maximum size for picture displays so that "origional" pictures are not displayed far off the screen if they are large.

This is great software, keep up the good work.
Jason Locklin

Hi, thanx for your


thanx for your suggestions, download link for original size will be in new version. But changing size in imageview is also good idea, actually i am always missing this in my album but till now not implemented, i will try to do this in next version, should not be that much effort ...


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