Parse Error

Been running PHP Album for over a year no incidents of any kind or issues, sweet as you like.

Today when I click onto localhost it errors with....

Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\data\album_files_1106.php on line 12084

Same if one tries to visit my site from a.n.other pc located in a different home.

I am not a coder or programmer. Dont know anything about such matters.

Can anyone let me know what might be the likely cause to have triggered such an out-of-the-blue condition, and/or any ideas as to whether I can fix it ? Or is it gonna need my programming friend, which may mean a few days with my site down.

The PC running this site does only that, runs this site solely. No other un-necessary software on it at all.

I have rebooted the PC and the router from cold switch-on. Condition remains.

Any pointers gratefully recvd.