Added 'search through keywords with checkbox' support to phpAlbum

Hi all,

I've added the 'search through keyworks with checkbox' support to
phpAlbum version v0.4.1.14.fix06.

A temporary instance available here:

The following the list of things I've added:

- in the setup page: added choice to make list of keywords visible for
each dir;

- possibility to search selecting one or more keywords listed on a
checkbox on the right. Search is always constrained to go down the
directory tree;

- numbers indicating current page/photo being displayed and total

- next_page or prev_page disappear if last or first page respectively;

- logo is resized to (hardwired) 30% (this is just a hack!) and disappear whenever an album/photo is entered;

- list of directory in the menu at the top-left are cliccable and navigable (keywords are listed if in search mode);

- if keywords field is shown below each photo it is possible to search for all photos (going down the directory tree from current dir) clicking it;

- I haven't check if the standard search function is working consistently with my modifications (I don't use it and have hidden it)

- I've modified only the Borders theme!

a tar file available here:

but please, consider I didn't know php before and I've done the changes googling a lot ;)
This means a lot of things could have been done better and other may be just hacks!

Please, let me know any comment on it :)




Apologize to all!

I've just removed tgz file from my website since I've noticed (late) that licence says the code cannot be redistributed!!!



Of course it can be

Of course it can be redistributed, as far as I know, the GPL License allows to change the code and publish it, if you publish the source code too, you can even sell it if you publish the source code too ;)

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