Download-link directly to file instead of main.php

I'm proudly using phpAlbum for sharing my highres-files with my clients. But, is it possible to make the download-picture link point directly to the original file instead of creating an automatically generated link (main.php?cmd=imageorig&var1=...)?

For example; my file Picture.jpg is in a folder named 'Test' in the main data-folder. PhpAlbum generates this link: main.php?cmd=imageorig&var1=Test/Picture.jpg. When my client wants to save the file, it's named 'main.jpg'. I'd rather like it to be linked directly to /data/Test/Picture.jpg without the php-stuff. Is it possible to modify it this way?


Guess that would be possible as much as possible Google Broadband will be giving us much faster Internet access.



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