Is it possible to pull a random image?

I'd like to pull a single random image from phpAlbum to my home page as a sort of "Pic of the moment".

Is there any functionality like this build in?

No, unfortunatelly not. But

No, unfortunatelly not. But it is planned for some future version.

Count me in too!

This sounds great. It would be good to have random images.

Is this software OK for commercial such as my site?
Of couse I will donate $$

Is very well possible with

Is very well possible with php. I also use it for my site.

I'd like it...

I have the "show recentmost image on directories page" installed... and I'd like this ability as well as an option to make the image shown as directories random as well.

Of course admin, you'll need an extra variable or two so that the gallery admin can set a maximum amount of random images to show at the bottom of the main index. Also, if this random function is applied make sure that if you do my bugfix (where the IF Statement checks for var1 from the URL/etc. and displays either the directories or thumbnails) that the random image program is placed where the thumbnails variable was. Either that, or make a new row under the table (Which is what I plan to do if this feature is to become a reality.)

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