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I love this script I have been looking for something like this for months. Thumbs Up to you. If I can help in anyway let me know.

I have tryed a couple difrent ways to change the font. I have been unsuccesful. Could you direct me to the file that I can change the font.

Hi, for changing the font,

for changing the font, you have to edit default.css in the theme directory of the theme you are using.


Did that and I am still

Did that and I am still getting the same font. I did clear the cache and still same results

Please send me your changed

Please send me your changed default.css, and may be some short description what you wanted to change on support(at)


Sent the change and havent heard back

I sent the file to you and havent heard back.let me know if I need to resend it.
I am loving this script the more I play with it.

somehow i forgotten about it

somehow i forgotten about it ... i will look at it right now :)

editing text content

Hi Patrik, well I'm getting closer to the look I want.

Now what I would like to do is on the main page ( click on a gallery the Album table it at the top? I deleted the <?p("ID_ALBUMS");?> variable so the word Album isn't displayed. I've been editing the file album.tpl.php for this table placement.
Is there a way to get an image as the icon instead of the present icon? I read info about this but only available for one of the themes.

Thank you Patrik

Lost the "New" icon in this forum?

Hi Patrik, sorry to post another question but when I edit my post I lost the new icon.

I've got it running and very happy with the script, all I would like to do now is have an icon instead of the folder image? I read where you can do it for another theme, but does it work with my theme?


Hello, Yes, i think this


Yes, i think this should work also for your theme ...


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