Making browsing pics more convenient (extra back/forward buttons, 'thumbnail slider', etc.)

Hi there! Some suggestions:

1. Whenever you click next or back when browsing your pics the page jumps to the top of the page after refreshing. Very annoying when you have to scroll back down every single time you have watched a pic. Especially, when you’ve got to go through a list of 140 pics. Would it possible to make the browser return to the same spot it was before refreshing?

2. Furthermore, why not having an extra back and next button at the bottom of pic(s). Much user-friendlier then having to go back up all the time.

3. The major feature I’m missing at the moment is like a horizontal scrolling thumbnail list/bar just above the single pic you're looking at (if selected one). It'll allow you to view a thumnail of the pics previous and next. Easy to keep an overview and you don’t need to go through ALL pics when you wanna go through an album. Now, you always have to get back to the overview, going back and fort, back and forth, in order to have an overview of the coming pictures. With the slide you can easily skip one or several pica (each way: back and forth).

My two cents:). That's it.

answer at question #2 : I

answer at question #2 : I believe there is an option to go to the next / previous at the bottom as a text link

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

You're right there is. Can't

You're right there is. Can't remember I dîsabled it. Anyway, I've found it!
But also still here the page jumps to the top. Hmmmm grinding.... annoying.

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