Embedding phpAlbum in an iFrame that Automatically Resizes

First of all, a huge thank you for such a wonderful product. I stumbled upon phpAlbum this morning and have been tinkering with it every since. I have a problem implementing it though...

I need to embed it in an existing webpage somehow to preserve the headers, navigation, etc. The problem that I'm having is because the PHP is so complex (at least to me), I can't just insert a couple of include statements and proceed. I saw a post on this website where it was suggested to use an iframe to contain the gallery.

No problem, except I need the iframe to automatically resize its height constantly to prevent scroll bars. I want it to always be 100% width but I want the height to vary as needed for each menu/album/picture. I basically got it working with some javascript I found via Google, but it didn't work in IE 8. The more I have messed with it, the worse it has become.

Has anyone gotten this to work on a cross-browser basis? Should I scrap the notion of iframes and try to modify the PHP code to be embedded cleanly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!