Watermark help

Watermark work's great right now, but i wonder one thing.
Everyone sees it on picture's, but can i add them when trying to download pic.?
(click to download original file) <<-- when i click there. that watermark's will be there to. or i have to use something else for this?

You can put the watermark on

You can put the watermark on the picture before you upload the picture, or you have to write some code in php in which you combine the picture and the watermark picture into one picture. But I believe that your server must have GD2 installed.

There are some examples on the pages of php.net but I don't know where to put the code exactly. Perhaps there's someone on the forum who knows where to put it.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

"download original file" is

"download original file" is doing exactly what it says: downloading original file which you have uploaded. If there is no watermark, then there will be none if you download it. You can prohibit downloading of originals and enable it only to some special user groups.

The default "original" thumbnail size in phpAlbum is doing what you are describing. It does not resize the picture only adds watermark and recompress it. It has original size.


Would there be a way for you

Would there be a way for you to add the option to add a watermark onto the original image please? I think this would be a most useful addition.

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