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i wonder if i just dont see, or if there is really no option for an adin user to perform some general modifications on the gallery pictures, such as
- rotate
- delete

thanks for any feedback

you can delete pictures in

you can delete pictures in upload manager, if this is configure correctlyl. But there is no functionality to manipulate that pictures. But it is planned to make it possible to rotate pictures, at least the pictures which are displayed.
phpalbum will never touch the original pictures you uploaded to it.

I second this, its a real

I second this, its a real miss at the moment for an admin not being able to rotate pictures. most of the time they are right but sometimes u miss one.

Please take in consideration a option to rotate and/or delete.. move to some kind of trash.


EDIT: OMG iam so dumb dident read the reply. But the date is 2008 :D
Is there a way to manipulate the picture for normal viewing and dont touch the original? couse i think i saw gallery3 do that to. my picture's where all in there and turned right. but now i moved to your software and all are messed up again. so i guess it has done the same.

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