Graham Family Photo Album

Hello all,

1st Patrik I must say I love your photo album here is a link to my site im currently working on I have only the main page set up how I want it. when you click on a photo thumbnail it will loose the site design and I am currently working on that now. I know very little about Php or Css so I am pleased with myself on the progress I have made let me know what you think.


Well done!

Hello James!

You have done great work on your album. Nice Gallery icons and nice colors. I also see you have underestood how actually works the themes in this program and you did it very well. What else to say, it is always pleasing to see that somehow uses the program you have developed. I know it is not perfect, and the new version is slooowly developing but your album is the proof that actual version is just enough for what it was originally intended, to setup easy maintainable family fotoalbum.

So thank you for using phpAlbum.


p.s. i made the link in your post clickable :)

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