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Hi there, first of all i want to say this phpalbum is just what i needed, well done, it works
great but there is 1 thing i can't figure out,.. i looked through all the files but can't find
it. When my album is opend i want everything to be centered, so HOME | album name etc | directory
AND the directory icons and Next page and Previous page i want that to be centered, but i cant
find it in the default.css and not in the code, can you tell where you define this in the code !
thanks in advance,.. and keep up the good work !

(btw i am using the flowing-dark theme, with style set to custom)


you will have to change the

you will have to change the templat you are using, and there you can find album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php ... there is all html code.


Ok got it !

But i had to change more then the album and imageview.tpl.php !

The biggest problem was to get the Folder icons with the text besides
it centered on the page. Cause you use table style="float: left;" so
it's quite a static table, if you remove the style then everything is
placed verticaly. Anyway i solved it to place the code in an iframe so
the table is practically handeld by the iframe. Further on i had to
place some < t r > < / t r > code to get some cells to the next line !

Anyway, i solved it,... great code

take a look on and click on Foto's in the left
column it's all dutch, so i did a lot of customising to our language
but it works,..

Thanks so far for the great album,.. cant wait for the new things
you have planned for it (like a slideshow)


many thanks since your last

many thanks since your last post. Downloads free games

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