Photographer Wanting to Protect His Photos from Theft

I am assisting my father in setting up a site for him to show his photography. I would like to know if Gallery wan prevent people from right-clicking images and selecting save as and steeling the images off his site. Does Gallery support this type of functionality?


No idea if Gallery does it,

No idea if Gallery does it, but phpAlbum has none of these functionality. To be honest, you can disable right click on page, but you can not disable stealing of pictures, if you can display them in Browser you can save them too, if you want.

The only way is to use watermarks which are good visible and makes the pictures unusable for that people ... and phpAlbum can do this for you automatically.


A while ago i've placed some

A while ago i've placed some code you can add to prevent right clicking and save as.
You can find it in the following thread:

perhaps it is of some use for you.

b.t.w. I have deleted the example

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Automatic Watermarks

Clint here had one question how do I automaticaly add watermarks?

Works like a charm....

Thanks Joep.
I tried the transparent image solution and it works great...

The users can still get to

The users can still get to the pictures, but the have to be familiar with html-coding. Most users just right-click on pictures to download, so it's rather save to use the solution I've placed.i.m.o.

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Security 101 is to never

Security 101 is to never trust the client. Putting security controls on the client(e.g. disabling right-click) to protect content is going about it all wrong. The type of people you are trying to protect you photos from know how to view page source and use wget.

If protecting the photos is a big thing, then I don't think you are gonna find the solution you are looking for in PHP Photo Album, at least not without considerable modification.

If watermarking does not provide the level of protection you seek, you are better off either: 1) hosting the photos in an invite-only controlled portal, 2) encapsulate into a different media format completely, be it flash or something proprietary... 3) or not host them on the web at all. Certainly these are not all of the possible solutions, but should give you a spectrum of your options.

Too often people want to openly share information to the world, yet want unrealistic controls at the same time, which falls somewhere between difficult and impossible.

I'm not trying to be negative here, I'm just point out you are proposing a difficult task.

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