Exif tags

I want to use exiftool to add tags which should be displayed under the picture.

can anyone tell me which exif tags are used for short and long descrtiption.
I found that "Caption-Abstract" Tag is for the long descrtiption

Thanks in advance!

phpAlbum is using for this

phpAlbum is using for this IPTC-Tags, not the EXIF-tags.
It is the Caption and Headline IPTC field. There are many Software which can do this, like IrfanView or Photoshop ...

Thanks for your answer. That

Thanks for your answer.
That was exactly the info i was looking for

This solved my problem


"phpAlbum is using for this

"phpAlbum is using for this IPTC-Tags, not the EXIF-tags."


EXIF include GPS-position information, IPCT don't.

When you know GPS cordinates, you can put picture on google.maps

I think, it is way to link picture's direct phpAlbum on Google maps etc.

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