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First of all, i would like to thank you for this great album code.

There is something, i had problems with.
When i loged in to the ftp section, there is Act-Dir: /www/someting/photos_xyz/
I had problems to find out to type in Foldername/
If i only typed Foldername, i received the message: "Unable to change to directory /www/neue_seite_php/www/something/photos_xyz/Foldername on ftp server" after uploading the picture.

It would be great to have a drop-down field to select the folder and the ending / is automatically generated.


Hi, you can click on the


you can click on the directories which are listed in your actual directory... if you are somwhere deeper, you can click on .. directory which means "go back/up"... it is like browsing in explorer

The field you described is good if you are very deep in some underdirectories and you will go back to the top, you just delete the field and click chdir.


Thanks, This is working


This is working wonderful. I will poste my websiteaddress in your forum as soon the site is ready.


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