how to create new directory?

hi I am a new user, this was set up by someone else for me. I can't figure out how to create a new directory of photos. when I try to, a page up comes and says that it is forbidden on my server. please help!
thanks a lot

I can not help you withou

I can not help you withou more informations about your problem. How exactly did you tried to creat the directory. Normally you can do this with Photos administrator section in setup. You need for this your ftp login/password. Btw. if you are familiar with FTP clients, it is the best way to manage your photos i.e. create directories and upload the photos.

directory or folder

HI what I need is a new folder/directory with a different page of pictures on my gallery. don't know how to do it.

Yes but without more info

Yes but without more info what exactly you did and get as error message it is impossible to help you. May be you could send me link to your page and setup password as well as ftp login and password on support(at) email. I can then take a look on that...


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