Theme documentation?

phpAlbum has a great core, but the themes are made of oldstyled tables and are not XHTML compatible. I would like to do such a clean XHTML theme, but I can't find an overview or a documentation about all the variables and theme php files. Is there any on this page?

No there is no documentation

No there is no documentation for Themes, but after I release new version there will be one. With new version, it will be I think easier to create or modify themes.


Oh, do you switch to Smarty template engine? That would be great and easy. I often work with Serendipity, which uses Smarty, too. And it's unbelievable easy to create templates.

album documentation

execuse me, sorry to trouble you a~ have u some php album document for the student paper or others....i very very no idea to how to write..hope can get your help...

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