organnize pictures the same way on harddisk as albums?

Hello. I am looking for a web gallery software that organize pictures stored on the web server the same way as it shows albums on the web?

For example, if a user moves a photo from album "Tour" to alblum "Wedding", the file is actualy moved on the web server from folder "Tour" to folder "Wedding". Not only doing a SQL like this: "update Photos set albumn = 'Wedding' where id = 123;"

This is because we have existing album manager software we designed for oursevles special use that require the files organized in this way.

Can PHP Album be configured to work this way?

If I understood your right,

If I understood your right, then this is only way you can configure phpAlbum.

phpAlbum works like explorer in windows, it just shows the directories as albums and the pictures in that directories. If you move some directory or picture, you only have to rescan your photo directory with one click in Setup, and it moves in album too.

Just try it and you will see :)

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