Password protected galleries


I might just be totally missing the option but I can't find any way to password-protect a gallery.

Does this feature exist (as is says it does) and if so how do I use it?

Thanks in advance,


Password for galleries - where is it?

Yes indeed - how do I find the gallery password option - is it in your new version? I need it desperately!
And How do I get the voting option to work - I posted the same question the beginning of last year and you said it was just there but not working yet - so what is the story with that.


Please respond to our questions
Thank you!

- no voting yet, sorry -

- no voting yet, sorry

- user has to register on your page, you can then assign that user to some group, for example "family", and you can restrict some directories/galleries to some groups in Setup->Galleries, this is how password protection works

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