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Isn't there any way to import the descriptions from a file? I have a large number of pictures, with the file names and descriptions in an Excel table, how could I introduce them in the gallery, without copy/pasting each description one by one?

Hi, no there is no way to


no there is no way to import it from file, at least not without programming it.

But you could try your luck and find some software which does write this descriptions into the JPGs as IPTC Headline and Caption. If you manage this and put such pictures in phpAlbum, phpAlbum will automatically import them into the album ...


Hi, Pity, this was much


Pity, this was much easier in the previous version.
Still, I succeeded somehow to edit the album_files_1000.php file in Excel, Word, so that the descriptions got to their places, and it even seemed to be working. The descriptions showed up on the album pages, and in the pictures setup too. But after performing a directory scan they disappeared. I didn't dig into it, but does it have something to do with the file locking mechanism in the phpdatabase part of the script?


I tried that and worked

I tried that and worked good.
exiftool is a free tool to manage all sort of metadata.
$ exiftool -IPTC:Headline='This is my best picture'
The only problem I found is that I have to use accented vowels and they are displayed as a question mark in output descriptions.
In my Terminal, file info displayed well those kind of special chars.
Same in my browser if I manually correct them in phpAlbum admin.
How can this be solved?
PS: from the php generated file, the array for this photo contains the correct value
PS2: I've corrected the output text addin the option '-L' to exiftool IPTC creation

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