Scan galleries doesn't work

I have uploaded a photo using an FTP client to my album, but nothing happens when I click Scan directories now. No error messages, but the photo doesn't appear either. I have checked several times in the FTP client that the file is in the correct directory as defined under Main Setup / Album directory.

It worked fine previously when I was using the Upload Manager, but now my hosting provider has disabled FTP function within PHP for security purposes. Could anyone explain how to overcome this problem? I'm a complete novice with phpAlbum.

It should work as you

It should work as you described you do it. There must be some other missconfiguration in your installation. Either there is some problem with writing data directory files or the photos directory is not readable, or you are uploading the pictures in wrong directory.

Try to delete all files in your data directory, database will be recreated after calling PA in your browser. But you will loose all your settings you did previously.

Problems with EXIF-IPTC Data

I found that when I scanned directories, I got stuck if I had the EXIF-IPTC data turned on.

This is slightly annoying as I want to import all the captions from Picasa(!)

The symptom I saw was that when you try scanning, you get left with a blank screen.

In my error log, I get

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in (htmldir)/phpdatabase.php(557) : runtime-created function on line 2

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: () in (htmldir)/phpdatabase.php on line 680

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