Dutch Translation


I am new here and so far I love phpAlbum, I do have 2 questions:

I read that you have a dutch translation, which I would really like to have, but I cant find is anywhere....

I would also like to turn off the login function on the main page, but I dont know how. Can anyone help?

Thank you very much!


translate_en_utf8.dat27.55 KB

I'll send you E-Mail with

I'll send you E-Mail with the translation file which you have then upload into your data directory. It should work with current version.
And it will be incorporated in the next version along with other new languages.


Please send me also the translation in dutch??

I uploaded it as attachment

I uploaded it as attachment to this post. You can download it and put it in your data directory.

Bedankt voor de vertaling,

Bedankt voor de vertaling, dat scheelt veel werk :-)


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