album sorter

what I would like to see is a way to sort the albums by date...I haven't figured out how to do it or sort it appropriately. There is a way to sort by date by it appears that it does it by the date that you create the directory. I would like to see a way to put a date column and let it sort by that (ascending/descending)

I just found your program and am loving it, but all my directories were put in the same day.......

but who knows, maybe I just need to tweak it some more!

Manual sorting comes in the

Manual sorting comes in the new version. What you can do is rename the directories to be sorted by the name for example 01_Family 02_Autos ... and change the alias (in directories section) for all this directories to have a normal name in your album. You can then sort by filename to have the sorting you want. Not the name because this take the alias if exists for sortig criteria.
Second possibility would be to use the feature that it is sorting not by created dat but changed dat. So if you change something in the directory(upload/delete file) the date will be changed. But this is not so good.

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