Comments setup

Just in case I have setup something wrong can you advise how the comment section is supposed to work.

From what I can see the Authorise or not Authorise functions in the comments setup appear to be not working. A user can make a post and it shows straight away without needing it to be authorised before it is displayed to the public.



Yes you are right, this

Yes you are right, this function was not yet implemented. This section works as an list of the new comments so you can easily see what is new and decide if it is ok or not. You can aprove this or delete. Thats all. But in the new version i'am working also on "aprove before publish" workflow ...

New version and Comments

Dear admin,
You have a nice script here!
Just a couple short questions. You mentioned new version above with Comment approval feature? Can comments be disabled?

This is my wish list, counter for each photo and a option to create a postcard with the image.

I was recently hacked with my current gallery script (not happy with it and no updates) so now I am looking for a new script. I think I will give this one a shot.


Mark Primavera

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