Thumbnail chooser / Disclaimer

First of all thanks for the great work on this gallery script. It's the first and only gallery that fits my needs (not too simple, and not too oversized).

But there are two things I would love to see in the current script. Maybe there is a possibility to add them in any way.

1. A thumbnail chooser/resizer

I by myself use the "square thumbnails" function in phpAlbum, but in some cases I would prefer to select another rectangle than the one the script calculates for me. On several community pages I've seen a possibility to select an area from a picture which is choosen as a thumbnail. After some googling I found this solution:
Is there any possibility to add a functionality like this to re-edit the generated thumbnails?

2. Disclaimer page

Sometimes a gallery contains some content which is not suitable for viewing to the youth. Especially here in Germany, the situation with the law is very strict with this. Therefore it would be useful to have a possibility to add a disclaimer-like page to a gallery. Only a variable text with two buttons/links to accept or reject would be excellent.

I would love to see this features in a future version of phpAlbum. But I would also be glad about some hints how to manage such features on my own.

Many thanks